Best Price HOT FROG Living Composter (Worm Composter)

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Features and Specifications:

  • HARNESS THE POWER OF THE WORM – Worm composters (vermicomposters) are an easy and efficient way to quickly compost a variety of food and other scraps found around the home. The resulting worm castings create a nutrient rich compost to use as a powerful soil additive. *** Red Wiggler worms are NOT included with the unit ***
  • WORM TEA – The liquid collected in the reservoir base is known as “Worm Tea.” Mix 1 part “tea” with 1 part water to create an excellent fertilizer for plants.
  • YEAR-ROUND INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE – The speed and efficiency of the vermicomposting process keeps typical composing odor to a minimum and allows the unit to be kept inside and used year-round. If you would prefer to use the composter outside the DOUBLE WALLED lid and base provide excellent insulation against temperature swings.
  • HAPPY WORMS ARE PRODUCTIVE WORMS – 1) The MOISTURE CONTROL WATER RETENTION CHANNEL running around the outside of each tray collects water to prevent the bedding from drying out along the edges. 2) A collection of 40 angled MIGRATION TUNNELS extend down from the base of each tray providing ample opportunity for worms to migrate between trays. 3) AERATION SUPPORT POINTS molded into the side of the trays allow excellent 360 degree airflow.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – BPA free, UV-inhibited recycled polyethylene is contact safe and will not degrade under direct sunlight. The maple hardwood legs are stained and urethane sealed for years of good looks.
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