Envirocycle Mini Composter

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The Envirocycle Mini Composter is a unique product from EvirocycleTM Systems. It’s designed with a high post industrial recycled plastic. The versatility of the product seen in its compact design makes it an easy product that can be used anywhere.  It’s indeed the best composer for every gardener that has limited space.

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Envirocycle Mini Composter Features

The Envirocycle Mini showcases as a 2 in 1 compost tumbler that helps in the preparation of nutrient compost every year. You only need to give the drum a few turns and then watch and see your compost as it remains well mixed. At it carries out its duty, the base design also collects compost tea at the same time. This helps in the production of excellent natural fertilizers.  The resultant organic plant food can then be used for   trees, gardens, outdoor plants and so on.

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When the garden composter is spun 3 times a week with the addition of organic matter, it produces rich, dark and odorless organic compost which will stay for up to 4-6 weeks.  The hassle free design seen in the products suits every kind of urban lifestyle.  It allows for easy placement on patios, balconies, gardens and garages.  You’ll always keep the earth green for several years when you put the Mini Composter to work.

The Envirocycle Mini composter Tan comes with exciting features.  In the first place, it serves as a great solution for urban gardeners as well as for eco homes. It’s also a great solution to people living in condos and other usual apartments.

The Envirocycle composter comes with a rotating drum with helps it to carry out its duties in an effortless manner.  It comes as an already assembled product that can easily be put into use.  Its unique base design is known for collecting compost tea which is a nice liquid fertilizer that can do wonders.

Envirocycle Mini Composter Review

Currently, Envirocycle Mini composter has about 9 positive customer reviews at Amazon.  It also has 4.6 rating out of 5 starts.  This shows how reliable it has always been.  Many of the reviews come from individuals who have made use of the product.

Several comments have been recorded from customers who reviewed the product.  One customer says the Envirocycle composter is the second one he has purchased which is actually very easy to use.  It doesn’t smell and it’s always very neat all the time.  For another customer; the price of the product is commensurate with what it does.    The composter has a perfect size for his patio.  The tumbler is very easy to use.  You don’t need to turn it on by yourself. It handles everything in an automatic fashion.

Another customer calls the product a “novice Composter”. He also liked its awesome features.  Other customers also have one or two positive comments to make about the product.

As at the time of writing this review, there are no negative comments about the product. Hence, Envirocycle Mini Composter Tan remains a nice product for gardeners. You’ll always benefit a lot from using it. Click here to check it out.

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