Envirocycle Original Composter

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The Envirocycle Original Composter is the first in the world to gather or to collect liquid compost tea – dominant manure. This is an individual two in one manure tumbler which makes it simpler and quicker to produce nutrient rich manure. It is made up of drum like structure with a provision to rotate drum in order to mix contents filled in it while preparing compost. It is useful product for preparation of manures. It is wonderful home composting way out for those looking to save efforts and also can save landfills from unnecessary waste while gaining the advantages of composting.

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Envirocycle Original Composter Features

There are number of composting products available in the market. But Envirocycle Original Composter is the only which will definitely meet one’s needs and requirements. It is suitable and convenient to use it close to the house with which one can easily fill it with their kitchen scraps.

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The Envirocycle Original Composter is a vast green garden solution intended for those people interested in saving landfills from pointless waste and civilizing gardens and flowers by the side of the same time. The pleasant thing about this product is a revolving or rotating composter as opposite to a customary garden bin style, one is that the rotating procedures not only saves a lot of manual work, but it also produces manure in a quicker amount of time period.

The Envirocycle Original Composter contains few good features showing it a perfect home composting device. The best thing that everyone likes is that the drum can be detached off from its base and without difficulty rolled to any place in one’s garden to dump all that beautiful nutrient rich compost into the garden. Another feature is the base that collects the water from the composting act providing some amazing composting tea, this is an outstanding liquid fertilizer. Simply fill it out, mix up and dilute using water.

Envirocycle Original Composter Review

The Envirocycle Original Composter is a timeless design and it’s been selling for last 20 years successfully. The good thing about this product is that the composter comes pre-assembled and becomes ready to use. It’s the unique powerful liquid fertilizer. It has prepared with a large percentage of post consumers and post industrial used plastic.

The online reviews have already shown that the Envirocycle Original Composter is a great product among all existing composter products. Its rolling feature is the main reason behind this attraction. Users have rated it 4.7 stars out from 5. The product fulfills all the customer needs without having any problem once purchased. The device can surely make anyone feel good by its work in garden or side to kitchen. Click here to read more reviews.

If one is looking for a composter that doesn’t take a huge amount of space and looks pretty good and stylish then   The Envirocycle Original Composter is the best option for them. It’s very simple to twist the barrel and its design lets one to roll it over to the area that they need to use it. It’s the most reasonably priced rotating composter. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Oziitha June 17th, 2012 (#)

I was rolling the bags every day to give more ventilation. There were also holes in the bags for ventilation. I was not able to have an official location for a compost pile or manure to add to the pile at the time. So it was an experiment. Also I was working on this compost in the winter time. I was recently able to set up an official compost pile in the back yard. I found a neighbor to give me some horse manure. There is plenty of heat going on now.

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