Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr.

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The Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. is an upgrade of the earlier 12 cubic version improving the performance and efficiency. The Wizard Jr. Sits on a wheeled base and holds up to 7 feet compost and thus, it is holds more capacity than its previous predecessor. The compost wizard is further equipped with perfect handles that ensure better grip making it easier to turn the device. The device is also equipped with a 12-inch twist off lid that keeps the compost tightly closed off safely. The lid is easy to remove and functions as an extra turning point. Click here to save $49.51 for a limited time only!

Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. Features

The Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. also features aeration holes at the ends, which offer the highly needed air circulation for the compost. The compost tumbler is also open for customization by adding more aeration holes for people living in areas with low air currents. The device wheeled base effectively simplifies the individual’s efforts in turning the bin. The base can further be customized removing the wheels to allow the device roll freely to the needed locations. The barrel composter is designed with a low profile than other common tumbler composers ensuring the composer does not get brown over by high wind.

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The Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. composer is designed with a 100 percent recycled resin material. The composer is also designed with a dark color to enable it absorb enough heat from the sunlight and thus, keeping the compost with an effective hot temperature. The compost bin tumbler does not require set up as it comes fully assembled and thus, it is easy and quick to use. Furthermore, the composer features are not complicated and thus, requires little maintenance making it ideal for novice and busy people.

The other Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. feature that distinguishes it from the competitors is the composer turnaround. The barrel composter requires the user to turn around the material once a week and after adding new components, the individual can harvest manual within two weeks. The composer highlights include 7-cubic foot capacity, black color, 98% post industrial polythene, advanced safety features for child and pet, wheeled base and recessed handles.

Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. Review

The Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. enjoys positive remarks with majority of users recommending the household composer as a perfect product. The customer review rating is 4.1 out of the 5 stars making it one of the highly recommended composers. Some of the features that users have found exceptional include aerial holes, which provide enough aeration of the component. Other users found the handling easy and flexible unlike other devices they have owned previously. Click here to read more reviews.

Despite the Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. composer quality and value for money, some customers issued concerns on the composer’s in ability to handle larger compost. Some reviewers said the capacity it handles is less than a big family generates. The other concern is the machine flooding with water when it rains. However, others advised on placing the composer in a high area away from flooding.

Based on the extensive customer opinions I found on the Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. composer, I can confidently advice you to purchase the compost tumbler. Click here to buy from Amazon with 31% discount Now!

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