Tumbleweed Rotating Compost Bin

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The Tumbleweed 200003 rotating compost bin is the best modern compost tool. It has simplified the aspect of steering the compost by allowing a simple spin of the bin every few days. This is enough to aerate the manure and allow it to continue decomposing accordingly. In order to add more heat to the bin, it has specifically been designed to be green in color so that the absorbed heat can give the decomposition process a smooth process.

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Tumbleweed 200003 Compost Tumbler Features

It is interesting to note that the Tumbleweed 200003 compost tumbler has a 28 gallon capacity which can give you enough room to handle all the grass and leafy waste you put in there. It can also work well when you decide to include some kitchen waste in the bin. Therefore, it will allow waste around your house to be taken care of adequately. You will even have the real benefit of getting rid of the unwanted mess in your kitchen, and around your yard in the mast timely manner.

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When you buy Tumbleweed compost tumbler, you do not need to be a very technical person to use it adequately. To begin with the assembly is very simple and it does not even take too much time. The steel stand will also give you the super advantage of providing a strong support which will be able to support the rotating compost barrel adequately even when the spinning is taking place.

If you have decided to buy Tumbleweed 200003 compost bin, you have the advantage of not worrying about the aspect of rusting. This is because the Central steel rod cannot rust and it can therefore be positioned in dumpy areas without a problem. In addition, the bin is well ventilated to allow for the process of decomposing take place thoroughly. The needed oxygen is thus permitted in through the four vents which have been provided on the bin.

Tumbleweed Rotating Compost Bin Review

If you have been worried about getting the best compost bin, Tumbleweed 200003 is the answer that needs you full attention. It is understandable that the 50 customer reviews have given it an average rating of 4 out of 5. But the most interesting part is that the majority of these customers have appreciated that ease with which the steering can be done by way of a mere spin. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

There could have been several negative comments that might have been noted by now. But Tumbleweed 200003 Rotating Compost Bin has only been received the complaint relating to its size. Some people still feel that the capacity should have been higher than the 28 gallons. But time will bring the aspect of patience and address such concerns accordingly.

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Customer Reviews

Manohara June 17th, 2012 (#)

Tyler, i watched your two videos about composting using the envirocycle. what i was hoping to see was how you remove the compost once it’s done cooking. what i don’t understand about these tumbler composters is when/how you remove ready compost if you’re constantly adding new stuff to the mix. i’ve used a stationary box-type composter, where the composted soil drops to the bottom and you dig it out from a door at the bottom of the box. this way you can keep adding new organic waste from the top. seems to me that in this tumbler, the composted soil and new waste would constantly be mixed up and you’d never have fully composted soil. either that or you fill it up and then don’t add anything for a month or two while it’s busy composting. any comments on this?

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