Worm Factory DS3GT Worm Composter

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Worm composting is perfected in this Worm Factory DS3GT Worm Composter. This is the ideal product for the ardent farmer who is not ready to compromise on the quality of compost used on the garden. Worm composting is the best way of produce quality compost and this composter just makes the process easier. The stacking design works naturally with this technique and the compact size is ideal even for those with space constraints.

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Worm Factory DS3GT Worm Composter Features

The first thing you will notice with the composter is that the price is just right, retailing at under $100 on amazon.com. This Worm Factory DS3GT compost bin is environmentally friendly in many ways considering that the material used to build it is recycled plastic. That will not react with the composting material, that is, kitchen scraps, cardboard and junk mail. The material is also quite light weight making it easy to move from one spot to another.

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The Worm Factory DS3GT Worm Composter is very space efficient in its 16x16x13 dimensions. It is expandable up to 7 stacks and each of the stacks weighs just 12 pounds so it is easy to set up. Since it grows upwards it is ideal to set up on your patio or corner of the lawn near the garden and it does not take up much space. The composter also has the ability to operate odor free all year round which is good news for any one with green fingers. It ensures that you have sufficient compost for your garden any time of the year.

The technology behind the DS3GT worm composter is indeed cutting edge. You begin with the bottom stack and insert your compost material plus the worms. The worm work their way through the fresh food and within a short while start to climb upwards this is where you now add the next stack and fresh food. This continues up to the seventh stack. What is left behind is good quality compost and liquid fertilizer too that is collected in a special container. This liquid fertilizer is also easily accessible through a spigot.

Worm Factory DS3GT Worm Composter Review

It is therefore no wonder that of the 27 amazon.com customer reviews on the Worm Factory DS3GT Worm Composter, an overwhelming 17 are 5-star rating. Convenience in the use of this product seems to be the most popular of features for most customers. It has made it so easy for most of the reviewers to go green and transform the environment. The price is another factor that has received praise on this site. For what it is capable of, it is extremely underpriced. Click here to read more reviews.

The instructions manual that comes with the Worm Factory composter is very detailed and you need to take time to get all that is written in it. It is stuff that helps you with composting and also on using the product successfully. This is what one reviewer found out.

The way to go green is Worm Factory DS3GT Worm Composter. It is the ideal partner for a farmer who is not ready to compromise on the quality of compost fed on the plants. Click here to save $10 for a limited time only!

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